Undead Kit



The ultimate zombie killing tool. United States Army inspired black full tang survivor knife features a paracord wrapped handle and olive drab sheath.

Whistle - mirror, compass, match container

5N1 Emergency Whistle with Compass, Lanyard, Mirror, Match Storage. This is one of those products that is "better to have it, and not need it" than to "need it and not have it".

Water-proof Matches

Perfect for setting fire to zombies no matter the weather. Waterproof striker surface. 40 matches per box.

SPAM (Single Serving)

Zombies won't be the only ones getting hungry. This is why we include a single serving of fully cooked SPAM ready to be devoured.

Glow Sticks (2)

Don't get caught in the dark with zombies. Our kit includes the brightest mini light sticks in the market today. When you need a small, consistent light source then your best bet is the 1.5" mini glow stick.

LED Flashlight

20 hours of continuous light (3-AAA batteries included). Weather-proof switch prevents accidental battery drain. Anodized aluminum barrel, water-resistant and shock-proof.

Ducktape (2 yards)

Good for a wide range of uses. Most importantly it prevents zombie bites. In fact, a simple shirt covered in several layers of Duct Tape might be all the protection you need against the undead.

Water Purification Pills

You won't make it very long without water. It is also heavy and hard to carry prefiltered water. This is where the 50 tablets of water purification iodine pills will come in handy.

Band Aids

Make sure you cover up cuts and scratches ASAP. With zombies around the smell of blood in the air could be the worst thing you could do.


In the event of darkness…

Use Glow Sticks and/or LED Flashlight

In the event of hunger…

Eat Spam

In the event of thirst…

Use Water Purification Pills

In the event your lost…

Use Whistle - mirror, compass, match container

In case of an accident…

Use Ducktape and/or Band Aids

In the event of cold…

Use Waterproof Matches and/or Knife